Traces Quebec is a private real-time waste tracking solution. Hosted on a web platform, Traces Quebec allows owners to follow in real time the movement of their materials and to have an encrypted, confidential and archived trace of the the entire process. In the era of transparency and eco-citizenship, Traces Québec allows organisations to demonstrate beyond any doubt their exemplary management in the disposal or treatment of these materials.

Real time tracking

Smart GPS system

Combining the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence, Traces Quebec is an independent application that allows complete traceability of materials to their destination for all parties involved in the process. Transactions are encrypted, unalterable and private, and compatible with smart phones and conventional GPS fleet systems.


Management Tools

Increase productivity with Big Data

Traces Quebec uses the artificial intelligence developed by WikiNet to give meaning to the vast quantities of data generated by the application. Optimization of transport and construction sites, analytical reports, mobile application and anomaly detection* allows us to not only offer an eco-friendly solution, but to do so by increasing the efficiency and performance of your business, whether it's in an office or on a project site.

*Under development


Security at the heart of design

Traces Quebec was built from the ground up with a modern security approach; PGP technology for certificate encryption, HTTPS to protect server connection and data hosting on IBM Cloud servers. Our partnership with IBM leverages their global expertise in data storage security to focus our efforts on the innovative features of Traces Quebec.

Data Cloud

Sustainable Development

Achieve your goals of eco-friendly management

With real time tracking, new markets can open up by efficient management of material flows in a circular economy and thus reduce the waste of our resources and the impact on our environment.

Combined with artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to use truck tracking to reorient them and suggest global routes to reduce congestion and the social and environmental impacts of these trips.

And in the end, better disposal of materials guarantees higher remediation rates, effective environmental protection and a strengthening of the social fabric and our regions through circular economy.


Each stakeholder involved in the traceability of contaminated materials has a distinct role in the application. Each role has its features tailored to the needs of different type of users

Site Owner

Oversee your projects in real time

  • Observer mode access for real-time monitoring of projects

  • Anomaly Detection Tool by Artificial Intelligence

  • Archives and end-of-project reports



No subscription, registration or usage fee

Project Manager (Env. Consultant)

Certify traceability

  • Generating electronic manifests in the application

  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • Generation of traceability certificates

  • Performance Analytics Reports

  • Data export tools

Transactional invoicing based on weighing weight (See rates)

Treatment or disposal facility

Receiving materials

  • Flexible system requiring no modification to current operations or software

  • Data import / export tool

  • Compatible with electronic scale systems*

  • Live tracking of trucks reaching your site

  • Management tools:estimated time of arrival of fleets, in/outs and averages, project statistics, etc.

No subscription, registration or usage fee


Transporting materials

  • Real time tracking of the truck fleet

  • Automated Incident Alerts *

  • Performance reports

  • No transponder purchase needed

  • Compatible with conventional fleet systems

No subscription, registration or usage fee

*Under development

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